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Personal commitment expands service to Kimball veterans

Through his own personal effort and commitment, Donald Glover has increased the service of the Kimball County Veterans Office to daily service.

“For many years, this office was open 1/2 day a week. I volunteer enough time to keep it open at least four hours a day and have done so for last four years. It is the most fulfilling employment I have ever had,” said Glover, Kimball County Veterans Serivce Officer.

Further, Glover’s cell number is posted on his office door so that veterans may contact him when he’s not there.

“My greatest accomplishment is growing this office and its availability to veterans,” he said.

Glover is effective “I have not looked at the latest numbers but I think my veterans received about $3 million in compensation and hospital benefits.”

An Army veteran himself, Glover enlisted in 1970. “I spent about two years on active duty and two more years in the Texas National Guard, all as a Military Policeman. I finished my service as a Sergeant.”

He estimates there are 400 veterans in Kimball County. Additionally, Glover, whose office is in the American Legion building in Junction has helped veterans from neighboring counties which do not have a VCSO.

“My advice for veterans needing help is to find a VSO or VCSO you feel confident in,” said Glover.

Glover, who is a member of the Lions Club and American Legion, personally helps out in his community. “It is a small town. We all know each other. This community is very service oriented.”

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