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On-The-Job Training


This section is for the use of employers looking to get their organization approved for the G.I. Bill®. Veterans looking for information on how to apply for the program need to apply on the VA website.

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On-the-Job training programs allow Veterans to learn a trade or skill through training on the job rather than by attending a formal program of classroom-based instruction yielding a degree or certificate.

For questions and additional information, please contact:
(512) 463-3168 OR

OJT Information

The following are basic guidelines for an approved OJT:

  • Provide training opportunity for a position not already qualified for through prior training or experience
  • Training no less than 6 months, no more than 2 years
  • Job training has an objective with training outline
  • Training leads to entry-level position
  • Adequate space and equipment provided
  • Supervision at least 50% of training/work time
  • Specific recordkeeping requirements and signed agreements
  • Provide Non-Commission Based wages
  • Beginning wage at least 50% of fully trained employee wage
  • Minimum one wage increase during the training period
  • Ending wage at least 85% of fully trained employee wage
  • Not applicable to Federal, state, and local government OJT programs

OJT Resources

  • Request for an OJT Approval Application
  • Employer Guide for On-the-Job Training and Apprenticeship Approval
  • TWC Employment Service Guide
  • VA information for On-The-Job Training and Apprenticeship
  • Monthly Certification of On-The-Job and Apprenticeship Training Forms
  • Training Agreement for Apprenticeship and Other On-The-Job Training Programs Forms
  • SCO Handbook
  • Request a Technical Assistance Visit
  • How to get approved for GI Bill® benefits

*The full list of approved on-the-job training programs is maintained by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and is available online through VA’s WEAMS institution search tool.

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