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GED mark on DD214 not enough, veteran needs diploma to get job

Vietnam-Era Veteran Eloy Vasquez’s job search ran into a snag this winter when he was asked for proof of his high school education. Though Vasquez could show having GED marked on his DD214, the potential employer required physical proof such as a diploma or GED certificate.

Vasquez needed employment assistance and was at risk of becoming homeless. He had been working with Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) Veteran Career Advisor Jimmy Lozano since late January 2023. On February 7th Vasquez contacted Lozano to see if there were any other methods to get proof from the Army regarding his GED. Vasquez was drafted into the Army in 1971, during his junior year in high school. He had completed the GED at his last station in Germany.

On February 7, Lozano contacted fellow TVC Career Advisor Jerry Garza regarding requesting through the Joint Service Transcript website and an application for requesting high school diploma for Vietnam-Era Veterans (per Texas Education Code 28.0251). Vasquez and Lozano completed the application for the diploma that day. The next day, February 8, Vasquez traveled to Judson Independent School District at the northeast edge of San Antonio and headquartered in Live Oak and met with school staff members. Encountering staff unfamiliar with the military GED application process, Vasquez called Lozano who called the school district and explained the situation. Eventually, staff with knowledge of the application program was contacted and the application was accepted for processing that day.

Photo of Vasquez receiving diploma

On February 22, having not heard anything regarding the diploma, Vasquez and Lozano contacted the school. Concerns school officials had regarding Vasquez’s DD214 and dates listed were addressed and clarified. Two weeks later, on March 8, Vasquez was informed that his High School Diploma was ready for presentation, and it was presented to him that day by the Interim Judson ISD Superintendent, Dr. Milton Rob” Fields III, in the presence of other school staff, pictured. Subsequently, Judson ISD posted an online feature of Vasquez being presented his diploma and information on the Texas Education Code regarding the military diploma program. Read it at Mr. Eloy Vasquez graduates from Judson High School 50 years later.

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