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Injured veteran gets help walking from Health Care Advocate

A homeless veteran who had been shot in the leg was using a broom stick handle as an aid to help him walk. He was brought to TVC Health Care Advocate Cathy “Cat” Sermons in San Antonio by TVC Claims Benefits Advisor Leonard “Leo” Bravo.

photo of Health Care Advocate Cat Sermons

“I escorted him to the ER and spoke with the physician assistant (PA) on duty,” said Sermons, pictured. “On the spot, the PA put in a referral to prosthetics to get the veteran a cane for support. I had the veteran transported by the patient support staff as I accompanied.”

Upon arrival at prosthetics, Sermons got him signed in and verified a consult was there for the veteran to receive his cane. “The veteran asked if he could give me a hug because I showed him I truly cared about his well-being, and he hadn’t had that feeling in quite some time,” said Sermons.

Need assistance with a health care issue, Find the TVC HCA in your area at .HCAs assist Texas veterans to resolve VA health care issues such as: Enrollment Appointments billing RX Care in the Community / MISSION Act assistance MRIs/X-rays/lab tests and more.

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