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Veteran reconnected with benefits after database discharge date error, receives over $30K in retro pay

Dale Harris
Dale Harris

A San Antonio area Army veteran was receiving his claims compensation and using his GI Bill benefits when a data base error led to the termination of his benefits. Further, it triggered the VA process to recover what he had received, over $30,000 in benefits.

A series of events led up to the error. The veteran served from October 2016 to February 2023. After he left the military, he filed his own VA disability claim.  In May 2023, he received his decision letter granting benefits. Later, in August of 2023, he filed a claim for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and was granted service connection. Then, in December 2023, he requested an increase for MS.

Danny McCloskey
Danny McCloskey

“During his last submission, a VA representative found a document in the data base that indicated the veteran never left service, even though he had a DD214,” said Danny McCloskey, TVC Claims Supervisor and Marine Corps veteran. “As a result, the VA sent the veteran a notice of discontinuing all benefits since it was believed he returned to active duty.  This created an over payment for all he had received for compensation and education.”

After receiving a letter terminating all his benefits, the veteran came to the Texas Veterans Commission for help.

On December 14, the veteran met with TVC Claims Benefits Advisor (CBA) and Army veteran Dale Harris to discuss this issue.

“Dale contacted the VSO hotline to resolve this issue,” said McCloskey. The VA opened an audit of the veteran’s financial records.  On January 4, 2024, Dale had a follow-up appointment to discuss options and brought me into the loop.”

McCloskey contacted his local VA counterparts for their help and guidance.  That included recommending McCloskey email the Veterans Benefits Administration’s Veteran Service Organizations Power of Attorney (VBA VSO POA) contact.

“Through these additional efforts, we were final able to resolve the issue and get the veteran’s benefits reinstated and the retroactive pay of over $30,000 he was owed,” said McCloskey. “Dale Harris was extremely diligent in his effort to follow this issue from its beginning to the end and ensure that the veteran received quality customer service throughout.”

Dale Harris
Dale Harris

“He came to TVC to solve a critical situation and he received assistance from the entire team until the issue was resolved.  I believe the strength of our team is the value we bring to our veterans,” said Harris.

The veteran’s mother expressed her appreciation “I cannot thank you enough for the work and due diligence you performed on my son’s case. If it weren’t for your tenacious commitment to this young veteran, he would have been lost in the system for God knows how long. Thank you for your patience in seeing this through.”

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