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VA Veteran of the Day honors four Texas Veterans Commission employees in July


Congratulations Kim Reid, Shawna Story (formerly Medina ), Sherry Byard and Tanya “Tee” Huling for being recognized as a VA Veteran of the Day during July. Congratulations all and well done!

Reid, Staff Services Officer for the Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) Employment Services North District, was honored on July 1, 2020. Reid provides support to a team of approximately 50 TVC Employment Services members including managers, supervisors and field staff. Listen to her talk about her transition from the military and how she now serves veterans on The Voice of Texas Veterans – Reid. Read the VA article Veteran of the Day-Reid.

Story, also serving TVC Employment North Texas Region as a Rural Veteran Career Advisor, was named Veteran of the Day on July 7. She advises veterans “If you’re looking for work, the more people you have connections with the better. The more you outreach to and network with the better and we have connections in our office.” Listen to her talk about working with rural veterans with their job search including successfully helping one land a job as a welder on The Voice of Texas Veterans-Shawna Story. Read the VA article on her at VA Veteran of the Day-Story.

Byard, recognized as Veteran of the Day on July 22, is a Veterans Employment Liaison (VEL) of TVC Employment West Texas Region. Byard assists veterans’ transitions out of the military and into civilian society, connecting them with employers. “Part of my job is building relationships with employers, educate them about the value military veterans bring to their company, and how to connect with and recruit veterans,” said Byard. She gave the example of an area metalworks shop. “BWJ Metalworks … For a while I outreached to them and I didn’t get much feedback. Finally one day BWJ called me. They needed a shop-hand, a jack-of-all-trades.” Hear the rest of the story including the shop growing from hiring a veteran to being recognized for veteran employment at The Voice of Texas Veterans – Byard. Read the VA article on her at VA Veteran of the Day- Byard.

Huling, VEL of TVC Employment North Region was honored as VA Veteran of the Day on July 27. “I work with employers to hire veterans. I let them know what the benefit is of hiring a veterans, like the Work in Texas tax credit and the leadership a veteran brings,”said Huling. For the veterans she is matching into jobs Huling advises “Sometimes you have to go into a company and start a little lower than where you anticipated. It’s not a lot of different than when you joined the military. You start at the bottom and work your way up.” Hear more from Huling including an example of a successful job match working his way up at The Voice of Texas Veterans-Tee Huling. Read the VA article Veteran of the Day-Huling.


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