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Meet the new Chairwoman of the Texas Veterans Commission

Photo of Laura Koerner

I am honored to have served as a Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) Commissioner since 2018 and now being appointed Chairwoman. I look forward to supporting and advocating for TVC and all Texas veterans.

I’m a veteran myself, having served in the Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer onboard the USS Mahan and Enterprise.

Now, in addition to my TVC duties, I’m a project manager. I’m active in veteran’s matters and also in my community, Fair Oaks Ranch, where I serve on the City Council.  Also, at Fair Oaks Ranch my family and I enjoy getting out to community events.

As a TVC Commissioner, I’ve participated in events around Texas such as Veterans Treatment Court, Fund for Veterans Assistance events and job fairs.

It’s amazing how much the TVC has achieved. The term “The Texas Model” sums it up. Other states want to emulate our success.

That makes it exciting to have been appointed as TVC’s Chairwoman. Exciting and also a responsibility I take seriously.

It’s the dedication of Texas to its veterans that is lived out through the TVC. The people of this organization are its greatest asset. They serve with drive and commitment. Some work directly with veterans and their families, employers, institutions of education, mental health providers and with other organizations providing services to veterans. Others keep the agency functioning through supporting roles and equipment. All exhibit creativity, talent and leadership.

These qualities shone through in response to the current pandemic. The TVC team quickly mobilized to continue providing services within health safeguards, demonstrating a great care for our veterans and each other. TVC is among the few organizations whose customer service has increased during this unusual time. Through remote and virtual methods, TVC has continued to serve veterans in all of our service areas.

Once this pandemic subsides, our services will continue to expand. We now have the instruments to get out and work with veterans anywhere.

Further, I invite veterans to contact us. Let us help you claim the benefits and services you’ve earned. Remember, I’m a veteran too; I know you earned it. –

Laura Koerner, TVC Chairwoman


Read Governor Abbott’s appointment of Koerner as Chairwoman at Governor’s appointments.

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