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Switching to Texas Veterans Commission nets McAllen veteran over $329,600 in retro pay, disability rating increase to 100%

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In February 2022, a McAllen veteran was awarded retro pay of over $329,600 and an increased disability rating of 100% with assistance from Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) Claims Benefits Advisor (CBA) and Army veteran Jose Zamora, pictured.

The story began in 2013 when the veteran was working with another veteran service organization that got him 0% for two conditions.  In 2014, the veteran came to the Texas Veterans Commission. Zamora picked up his case and got him 20% for the conditions that were rated at 0%. Then he continued with the appeal process which resulted in a rating increase to 100% for one condition and the retro payment in February. Additionally, the rating made the veteran permanent and total in disability, thereby adding an award to his dependents and granting them education benefits and health insurance through the Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Department of Veterans Affairs (CHAMPVA) medical benefits in addition to his Special Monthly Compensation.

“Jose has submitted the appropriate VA forms to add the veteran’s dependents and we are waiting on the approval and a supplemental retro payment for the dependents back to 2013” said Mike Jaeger, pictured, TVC Southwest District Manager for the Claims Department and Army veteran. “Perseverance pays off if the clients listen to the CBAs and follow the VA rules that we advise them on.”

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