TVC Offices Closed on Labor Day

TVC offices will be closed on Monday, September 4th for Labor Day. Please contact us via our website or email.

Veterans Day honors all that served


“As we honor their service, let’s also recognize veterans’ ongoing contributions. After taking off service uniforms, they bring their experiences and expertise to strengthen our society. Veterans become valued members of our communities as active volunteers, leaders, entrepreneurs, mentors and our friends,” stated TVC Chairwoman and Navy veteran Laura Koerner in a special message that was shared with media across the state. In commemoration of Veterans Day, the Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) invited veterans to share their photos on its Facebook page . Additionally, children talked about Veterans Day and what it means to them on TVC’s radio show “The Voice of Texas Veterans”. Broadcast on November 8, the show also included veterans talking about their military service and reasons for working at TVC. Hear all the ways veterans can get involved with TVC, how TVC assists veterans to claim their benefits and services, plus getting connected with other veterans.

All Texas veterans have our gratitude and our unwavering support on Veterans Day and every day of the year.


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