TVC Offices Closed on Labor Day

TVC offices will be closed on Monday, September 4th for Labor Day. Please contact us via our website or email.

The Texas Veterans Commission Joins the Texas Veterans Network

Texas is now the first state in the United States to offer veterans an interconnected network of services to help them transition into the civilian workforce after their service in the military.The Texas Veterans Commission is proud to be a part of the newly formed Texas Veterans Network. This is a network of organizations working together to bring much needed services to veterans and their families.
The partnership’s goal is for all federal, state, local government and nonprofit agencies to effectively serve more military, veterans, and their families – both in urban and in rural areas of Texas. Each Network member on the slide brings specific resources and veteran services to the collaboration. Members include Combined Arms, Texas Serves, Texas A&M, the Workforce Commission, Texas Veterans Commission and more.

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