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VA changes to increase various benefits

Vehicle purchases, life insurance, clothing allowances and settlements for Camp Lejeune conditions are among benefits recently adjusted by the VA for eligible veterans. Veterans qualified for the VA to purchase transportation may now get a new vehicle every 10 years. VA approved clothing allowances for garments damaged by skin medicine or prosthetic or orthopedic devices will no longer have to be resubmitted annually. The new VALife insurance has replaced the previous VA life insurance offered. Additionally, VALife is whole term and accrues cash value after two years.

photo of Mike Jaeger

Camp Lejeune conditions for Claims have been structured into three tiered categories. Additionally, “The Camp Lejeune Civil Lawsuit (Tort Claim) that was passed by Congress when the PACT Act was signed into law allows veterans and their dependents to file a TORT claim against the government.  It also includes some conditions not on the VA Presumptive list,” explained Mike Jaeger, pictured, TVC Claims Department Southwest District Manager and Army veteran. “The law that passed allowing veterans to sue the government also calls for an offset. This is common when the government looks to recover funds when the plaintiff is paid more than once. If one files the tort claim and wins, it will affect VA disability payments if they are the same conditions, it might also affect Medicare and Medicaid.  The Government will not pay a person twice for the same thing. So, a veteran collecting compensation for a Camp Lejeune presumptive condition and getting a tort settlement could see the effects of this.”

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