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Commissioners honor service to Veteran County Service Officer Advisory Committee

Rusk County Veterans County Service Officer (VCSO) Leonard “Leo” Gonzalez was recognized at the November TVC Commissioners quarterly meeting for his service on TVC’s Veteran County Service Officer Advisory Committee.

photo of VCSO Leo Gonzalez receiving award

Gonzalez’s service on that committee enhances VCSO training, resources and performance statewide. It builds on the relationship between TVC and VCSOs to better provide services, such as filing Claims, across the state. Gonzalez has served on the committee for four years.

“He is awesome and goes out into the community to help others,” said Laura Bivens, TVC VCSO Liaison.

Pictured: Gonzalez receives his recognition from TVC Chairwoman and Navy veteran Laura Koerner.

As Rusk County VCSO, Gonzalez assists veterans and their families wherever they may be. This includes visiting assisted living facilities and going to their home as well as serving them at his office in Henderson. In addition to helping with the filing of claims, healthcare, education, and military record requests, “I also offer and arrange transportation to Rusk County veterans to VA healthcare appointments and C&P exams at clinics in Tyler and Longview, and the hospital in Shreveport,” said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez became Rusk VCSO in July 2009. In addition to connecting veterans to their benefits, he was instrumental in the creation of the Rusk County Veterans Monument which was dedicated November 11, 2012.

Congratulations Leo!

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