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Newly Hired & Quickly Promoted, Employment Event Pays Off for Navy Veteran

Candis Martin

While assisting an Off Base Transitional Training (OBTT) event in March at Fort Worth, Lee Ware, Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) Veteran Employment Liaison (VEL) and Army veteran, happened to meet veteran Bruce Banner. He was Honorably Discharged from the Navy in 1998, had service connected conditions and was unemployed.

“Mr. Banner shared the fact that his late onset hearing loss caused many hurdles after transitioning from the military,” said Ron Abrams, TVC Employment Services North Texas District Outreach Coordinator and U.S. Army veteran. “This made him eligible for JVSG (Jobs for Veterans State Grants) funded Individualized Career Services due to his qualifying barriers to employment.

photo of Bruce Banner

Banner, pictured, had worked eight years in various positions within the Austin School District and later in managerial positions at a few fast-food stores in the Austin area.

“Banner remained resilient and continued his education at The University of Texas in Austin, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics. In 2015, he moved to Fort Worth. There, he was able to receive hearing aids through the Texas Workforce Commission’s Vocational Rehabilitation Program and found out about the OBTT Program, resulting in a chance meeting with Lee Ware,” said Abrams. “Lee assessed his situation and experiences, helping to produce a Job Development for Mr. Banner with a company called Rankin Construction Inc.”

photo of Lee Ware

Pictured is TVC VEL Lee Ware.

Rankin Construction clients include the Department of Defense, Corps of Engineers, Air Force, DuPont, Heritage Communications and more. Established in 1977, Rankin Construction has completed work valued at over 90 million dollars of work for their clients.

With the help of Ware and OBTT, Banner produced a resume and sharpened his interview skills. After submitting his application and an interview, Banner was hired by Rankin Construction on April 1, 2023 as a Construction and Concierge Services Officer.

photo of Ron Abrams

“The good news did not stop there for Mr. Banner. Rankin Construction Inc. quickly noticed his managerial skills and professionalism and promoted him to Manager of their Construction Concierge Services within five days of hiring!” said Abrams, pictured. “Mr. Banner now manages a robust team of professionals and makes over $25.00 an hour!

“This is stellar business relations and Job Development on the part of Lee Ware,” added Abrams.

Get assistance with your job search from TVC Veteran Employment services. the TVC Veteran Employment Services team is in 90 locations across state including 70 American Job Centers.  Find your local office at 

TVC Veteran Employment Services receives federal funding. For more information visit Stevens Amendment.

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