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Improvement courses, veteran community connectivity land veteran in desired career

photo of Jameson-Miller

Veteran Jameson Miller is an example of how taking courses and programs, plus the connectivity of the veteran community, can overcome barriers to employment. He was able to find work in the career he desired, assisting veterans.


It all began with Miller, pictured, being in the case management program U&I Spread the Light, a nonprofit organization offering veteran support services and a TVC Fund for Veterans Assistance grantee.

Miller did so well accomplishing his program goals that U&I Spread the Light Director of Veteran Affairs Ed Vonder thought Miller would benefit from TVC Employment Services.

Vonder has a close working relationship with the Redbird Workforce Solutions Office in Dallas where TVC Veteran Employer Liaison (VEL) Tee Huling works. He informed Huling about Miller. Huling then referred Miller to her co-worker, Veteran Career Advisor (VCA), Orlando Alvarez.

photo of Orlando Alvarez

“Orlando (pictured) found Mr. Miller to be eligible for the Jobs for Veterans State Grant Program (JVSG) program,” said Ron Abrams, TVC Employment Services North Texas District Outreach Coordinator and Army veteran. “After conducting an initial assessment, Orlando found that Mr. Miller struggled to make ends meet and sought financial assistance. He was immediately connected to the Combined Arms App Program. They took the lead with his financial needs, resolving the more pressing monetary issues.”

In working towards getting employed, Miller expressed to Alvarez his interest in work that would allow him to serve veterans. “Upon further inquiry, Orlando realized that Mr. Miller’s education, volunteer experience and work history, closely related to the services provided by the Veteran Career Advisors at the Texas Veterans Commission,” said Abrams. “This was starkly evident, as his resume reflected work history and volunteer work that focused on veteran needs.”

Alvarez encouraged Miller to apply for an open position with TVC in Plano. Additionally, Miller found a position he was interested in with the V.A.L.O.R. (Veterans Accessing Lifelong Opportunities for Rehabilitation) Program for Justice Involved Veterans in Collin County; and asked for guidance in applying there as well.

photo of Tee Huling

Alvarez then met with VEL Huling, pictured, sharing Miller’s resume and conveying his interest in both the TVC position and V.A.L.O.R. Program position.

“Huling was instrumental to Miller with TVC application tips and the critical timing of submission due to high interest in the Plano position,” said Abrams. “Further, Huling contacted VEL Coach Tracy Griffard in McKinney. Tracy is very familiar with the V.A.L.O.R. Program Staff and regularly facilitates training sessions with the inmates on a weekly basis. She quickly responded by sharing resume tips to ensure Mr. Miller receives an invitation for an interview and to express his zeal for helping veterans in need.”

Miller’s resume was sharpened and he successfully applied to both the TVC and V.A.L.O.R.

“As luck would have it, he received an interview request from both organizations,” said Abrams. “Although Mr. Miller left the TVC interview with a feeling of satisfaction in his performance, he was not offered the position. However, success with the Collin County’s V.A.L.O.R. Program proved otherwise. Mr. Miller received an offer letter to start work, full time, as a Case Manager with a comparable salary that more than meets his needs. His first day at work was March 25, 2024!”

“This is exactly what I was looking, and hoping, for,” said Miller. “I’m lacking the words right now to express my gratitude to you, (Ron Abrams), Tee, Orlando, and Tracy, for your support and guidance. I get to help some of our most vulnerable veterans to find and prepare for a new life with V.A.L.O.R. You all have done the same for me.”

Abrams credits fast reaction, a desire to help veterans, and great TVC teamwork as contributors to Millers success.

“Coach Griffard, VEL Huling, VCA Alvarez, are three consummate members of the North Texas District Veterans Employment Service staff with professional and compassionate customer service to veterans,” said Abrams. “Thank you for setting the example!”

Pictured below from left are Griffard and Abrams.

Photo of Tracy Griffardphoto of Ron Abrams

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