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Helping veterans means getting out & about for Tina Jones

photo of VCSO Tina Jones Wichita Co.

Tina Jones gets out and about to help veterans in Wichita County. As Wichita County Veterans Service Officer, she’s helped veterans with housing, food, counseling, even delivering older veterans taxes to the upper story of the courthouse. She does all this in addition to the work of filing Claims. “Sometimes we even make a house call and visit the nursing homes veterans are in. We help out any way we can,” said Jones.

She noted Wichita County has a community of fast acting resources for veterans in need, including homeless shelters, housing and food banks.

photo of VCSO Tina Jones Wichita Co.

“I contacted the womens’ shelter about a veteran I had just met and got her in by the end of the day,” said Jones, pictured.

In another example of the community at work, she recalled an 80-year-old veteran who was evicted. “We got him into low-income housing. The lady that runs it (the housing), I did a claim for her a couple of years ago. We worked together; I filled out his applications, and together we got him in.”

Sometimes, being part of the veteran community takes her to the lake. “Wounded Warrior holds events for fishing weekends. We take veterans out in boats, plus, I take pamphlets and booklets.”

“I really love my job, it’s the most fulfilling I’ve ever had.” Prior to being Wichita County VCSO, Jones, the daughter of an Army veteran, served 27 years in law enforcement.

“I especially like helping those with PTSD. I can tell when veterans visit me if they are struggling. I tell them my story; then, they tell me theirs, after that we file a claim.” Jones also knows the local resources for mental well-being. “We have couple of places around town, in one the counselor, she is a veteran, and VA has awesome counselors.

To connect with Jones, visit Wichita VCSO.

However, veterans don’t have to be in her office for her to get their Claims filed. “Right now, I’m working with about 20 highway patrolmen around Texas,” said Jones.

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