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Chive Charities provides assistance & equipment not covered by insurance, other resources

Chive Charities

“We recognize that for many veterans and first responders, helping others is second nature; asking for it is not,” said Erika Carley, Senior Director of Operations, Chive Charities.

Chive Charities works to improve the quality of life of veterans and first responders by providing needed assistance, services or equipment which insurance and other resources do not cover.

“From therapeutic saunas and hyperbaric oxygen chambers to adaptive kitchen appliances and utility terrain vehicles, our grants are unique to each individual case,” said Carley.

Photo of Taylor Morris

Chive Charities was created in 2012 by theCHIVE community and its desire to do good. Carley noted that members requests for support of various causes tended to fall into four categories: military families, rare disease, veterans, and first responders. Examples of requests provided by Carley included “Help us make a down payment on a home for a Navy EOD tech named Taylor Morris, pictured, a quad amputee, $250k was raised by the community in days. Help us save the volunteer Fluvanna County Fire Department, a simple gallery published on the website with a call to action to donate raised over $30k in one day; and help us build a sensory room for a little girl named Lily battling SMS which was fully funded in just a few hours.”

In its first ten years, Chive Charities has raised millions of dollars to provide life-changing grants and critical aid to hundreds of recipients across the United States.

“If you or someone you know could benefit from a life-changing Chive Charities grant, please visit to learn more and apply,” said Carley.

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