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Grantee Spotlight: Combat veterans receive financial lift with CLC Inc.’s COIN Project

Combat veteran M.T. Webb was encountering difficulty securing a job and the lack of employment was affecting his mental well being. That’s when the COIN (Combatants Overcoming Income Needs) Project helped Webb get back on his feet.

“Vets like me who have college degrees, but can’t secure work—we need that essential financial link that can get us over the hill until we can get on our feet again,” said Webb, a U.S. Army Medical Core/ U.S. Navy veteran of the Persian Gulf War.

Webb received financial assistance for his rent and automobile. Thatr in turn helped him use his own resources to fix his computer, fuel his vehicle and get back on the hunt for a job.

“The most profound impact of the COIN program is my improved overall mood, and sense of hope!”

COIN is a project of CLC Inc (Community Learning Center) serving 11 counties in the DFW area. It has received support in the form of a $300,000 grant from the Fund for Veterans’ Assistance of the Texas Veterans Commission. The Fund for Veterans Assistance is funded by Texas Lottery games supporting Veterans and individual donation options on driver’s license and ID Card registration/renewal forms, auto registration, license to carry, and hunting and fishing licenses.

COIN stated goal in requesting the grant was to serve 100 veterans, 75 dependents, and 3 surviving spouses. It has exceeded that goal having served 101 veterans, 178 dependents, and 5 surviving spouses.

“Programs like COIN change how Vets view civilian systems and their efforts to provide actual assistance to the combat veteran,” said Webb. “I actually believe that I can make it and that somebody really cares about us, i.e. the combat veteran.”

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