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Getting out to assist veterans

In assisting veterans and their families to receive their benefits, Ted Oats gets out to meet them where they are. “Many times, I visit with families in the home, nursing home or assisted living facilities to explain the requirements to be able to qualify,” said Oats, Hunt County Veteran Services Director and retired Air Force Colonel. “I also provide help to home health organizations explaining all of the programs available to veterans and their spouses.”

The Hunt County Veterans Services Office, located in Greenville, Texas; provides assistance with serviced connected disabilities, filing pension and VA Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) Claims for veterans and surviving spouses.

Providing these services has assisted many veterans in receiving the benefits they have earned. Oats recalled a couple of examples. “One was getting DIC for a spouse who was denied because the cause of death listed on the death certificate. After two appeals and an amended death certificate, she was awarded DIC. The one I am most proud of was getting a veteran 100% disability for his Coronary Heart Disease. I had to appeal to the Board of Veteran Affairs and provide proof of his boots on the ground in Vietnam.”

Oats shares his expertise with his colleagues across the state by serving on Texas Veterans Commission’s Veteran County Service Officer Advisory Committee. Oats was chairman of the advisory committee for two years. Further, the Hunt County Veteran Services Office is involved with and supports all veteran service organizations in the county.

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