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From 0%-100% Claims compensation in 51 days

Jazmin Garcia.CBA.Del Rio.2021

An Air Force veteran contacted the Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) Claims office on July 27, 2021 and had a 0% service-connected disability rating. About a month and a half later, on Sept. 15, his compensation rating went to 100%. That awarded him a monthly compensation over $3,320 and granted a retroactive payment of $185,660.15.

“My first contact with the veteran was on July 27, 2021, he had booked an appointment,” said TVC Claims Benefit Advisor Jazmin Garcia, pictured. “After our conversation he decided to assign TVC as his representative with Claims.” This included giving TVC Power of Attorney. “After a review of his rated issues, I filed for increase for ‘dilated aortic root’ (heart condition) which was rated at 0%.” Garcia noted the last Claim the veteran submitted with the VA was in 2017, when 0% was granted to him. “The veteran went from 0% to 100% in a decision letter dated September 15, 2021.”

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