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Claims smooths processes to better assist veterans and those serving them

Mike Jaeger
Mike Jaeger

By standardizing operations and reducing the wait time for authorization to access VA data, the TVC Claims Department is improving its efficiency in assisting veterans. This also improves tracking a veteran’s claims status for TVC Claims Benefits Advisors (CBAs).

To uniformly achieve these process improvements throughout TVC’s Claims staff and locations across the state, Claims created a new, internal Mentor, Trainer, and Liaisons team. Team members have standardized the input of Claims information and reduced the amount of time, by months, that it takes to gain access to VA data. Plus, it facilitates work on a veteran’s claim between CBAs.

“By developing and using checklists and standardizing the way of inputting information in our Vet Pro system, it makes the next CBAs’ job easier by looking at the last interaction and know what they need to do to assist the veteran,” said Claims Southwest District Manager and Army veteran Mike Jaeger.

Mike Jaeger
Mike Jaeger

The overall Mentor, Trainer, and Liaisons team has “Ensured all Claims Districts are doing the same initial training.  That way all the new CBA hires have the same information,” said Jaeger. He also credits the team for reducing the time the accreditation process for VA data takes. “It now takes weeks not months. So, the new CBA can obtain their Personal Identity Verification (PIV) to access VA data and actually start working on their own sooner. Before it could happen that a CBA completed the six months of new hire probation and still could not work on their own or access VA data.”

How authorization to access VA data was sped up is a matter of Mentor, Trainer, and Liaisons team members being able to focus on the CBA. Team members get a new CBA started on accreditation for VA Claims work and other initial training. They are able to keep the training process going steadily and complete it sooner. The CBA can then work on getting their PIV access to VA data.

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