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Claims error from 1993 correction results in over $253,517 in retro pay, plus compensation increase

Pino, Kathleen, Claims Benefit Advisor San Antonio-cropped

An error dating back to 1993 was found on a San Antonio area veteran’s Claim by Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) Claims Benefits Advisor (CBA) and Air Force veteran Kathy Pino, pictured. The discovery and correcting it recently resulted in retro pay plus an increase in disability rating for the veteran. It all started when the veteran contacted Pino to file a Claim in September 2021.

“Once Kathy talked to the veteran and reviewed his Veteran Benefits Management System virtual VA file, she noticed the VA did not properly complete a claim the veteran filed on July 28, 1993,” said Mike Jaeger, pictured, TVC Southwest District Manager for the Claims Department and Army veteran.

“Kathy had the veteran obtain a medical nexus statement, gather the needed medical evidence, and submitted a Clear and Unmistakable Error (CUE) Claim for the missed conditions from 1993. In March 2022, the VA agreed and rated the Veteran at 60% and awarded a retro payment of over $253,517. This is an annual increase of over $14,568 for the veteran and his family.  Then Kathy told the veteran to supply the needed information to add the dependents and is now waiting on the VA to grant the dependents and another supplemental retro payment.”

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