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“You served, you deserve”

Voice of TX Veterans

“I initially filed a claim back in 1974 when I left active duty. Back then, I was not aware that TVC existed. I simply filed out the form and submitted it to the VA,” said veteran Joe Deosdade. When his Claim was denied, Deosdade dismissed the VA and “went on with my life.” He said that years passed before a friend convinced him to reapply. “His reasoning was, ‘you served, you deserve.’” Deosdade said the Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) Claims team “guided me through the minefield that veterans often face in dealing with the VA. Their efforts led to the BVA (Board of Veterans Appeals) Judge granting me TDIU (Total Disability Individual Unemployability) in July of this year.” This increased Deosdade’s rating from 30%. When a veteran is granted TDIU, they are considered and paid at 100%. “I would like to give particular thanks to Shawn Gray (TVC Claims Benefits Advisor). He was the one who discovered a ‘CUE’ (Clear and Unmistakable Error) which we based our appeal on. Thank you (to Southwest District Claims Manager Mike Jaeger) and your staff for all the help.”

“Any chronic condition that was caused or aggravated by military service can warrant compensation.” Listen to veteran and TVC Claims Inquiry Coordinator Will Chick talk filing claims, what information is needed and the process on The Voice of Texas Veterans.

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