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Veteran Education Services initiatives & accomplishments presented to Texas Association of Collegiate Veteran Program Officials

Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) Veteran Education Services initiatives and accomplishments were presented to Texas Association of Collegiate Veteran Program Officials (TACVPO) by TVC Chairwoman and U.S. Navy veteran Laura Koerner at the TACVPO Conference, held March 28, 2023 in San Antonio.

TVC works with colleges and universities to help veterans use the education benefits they have earned. Further, TVC encourages institutions to create an environment, programs and facilities that foster overall veteran well-being, a sense of belonging and encourages their academic achievement.

“Veterans Education benefits are an important resource to veterans and play a role along with other veteran benefits and services to enhance the quality of life,” said Koerner. “Many colleges and universities understand this and put this into practice.”

Initiatives announced included working with the VA to improve enrollment services technology, and creating a uniform application with Texas supplemental forms.  Additionally, making the Hazlewood Database System more user friendly is among priorities.

TVC Veteran Education Services provides guidance to institutions and students on how to navigate VA Education services and benefits. It also works with VA Education Services as the State Approving Agency for education programs.

In the past fiscal year, Education Services acted over 2,700 times giving assistance to institutions and students. Plus, it approved 20,000 programs.

As administrator of veteran education benefits, Education Services assists in safeguarding the integrity of the GI Bill.  The TVC Education team works to ensure that institutions and employers comply with federal guidelines and are qualified to provide the type of training offered.

In the past year the Veteran Education team assisted in conducting over 160 inspection visits and performed 109 compliance surveys.

Further, as the State Approving Agency, TVC Veteran Education Services is involved with the VA Risk Based Survey initiative.

This works to mitigate potential fraud and waste by identifying factors such as rapid student population growth and tuition increases.

“Colleges, universities and the Texas Veterans Commission work together to get veterans educated,” said Koerner. “But, that’s not the end of it. After graduation we continue our partnership with institutions to find job opportunities for students once they have completed their education.”

Veterans seeking information on Education benefits or assistance in accessing them may contact TVC Veteran Education Services by email:
or phone: 512-463-3168.

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