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Good relations with VA streamlines Claims decision

VA Home Health Care sent the Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) a request to contact a Vietnam era Army veteran in the lower Rio Grande Valley, who was receiving assistance from VA Home Health Care. The contact was requested as the veteran had not yet filed a VA disability compensation Claim and would need assistance to do so.

photo of Rene Coronado

The request was made in June 2023 and TVC Claims Benefit Advisor (CBA) and Army veteran Rene Coronado reached out to the veteran. With Coronado’s help, the veteran submitted his intent to file. As the veteran had difficulty communicating over a phone, all assistance and communications with him was in person and e-mail.

On June 26, Coronado, pictured, met with the veteran and his care giver along with the VHA joining the effort. “It was decided that it was in the veteran’s greatest interest and best for timeliness and his health care needs to keep his Claim to one issue, his most pertinent need,” said Bryan Brown, TVC Claims Supervisor for the Rio Grande Valley and Marine Corps veteran.

The group also assisted the veteran with an application for aide and attendance, which was completed by a VA social worker and VHA representative in June. On July 26, the veteran provided further medical records.

His original Claim was submitted in June, the application for supplemental assistance in mid-July and by the end of July, the VA issued its decision.

photo of Brown, Bryan claims supervisor rio grande valley

“It’s unheard of to see a case with this complexity get turned around in 30 days. To really see the VA come together and make a sound rating decision this quickly post pandemic, and with all the PACT Act Claims coming in, is big,” said Brown, pictured.

The VA awarded the veteran 100% permanent and total disability, plus ancillary benefits of special adaptive housing and an automobile allowance. The veteran, who had not previously filed a claim, went from $0 a month to over $4,500 a month in disability compensation, plus VA healthcare.

“The partnership and good relationship of TVC and the VA Health Care system streamlined working with this veteran and got him the care and assistance he deserves and is entitled to,” said Brown.

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