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Get new businesses verified as veteran owned to waive fees & taxes

The Texas Veterans Commission’s Veteran (TVC) Entrepreneur Program (VEP) teamed up with the Sam Austin Group for Black Business Week in San Antonio held July 31 and August 1, 2023. TVC’s Entrepreneur Program was there to provide Veteran Verification Letters (VVLs) on the spot for new veteran business owners before they visited the Sam Austin Group which provided free document completion and veteran owned business certification submissions to the Secretary of State. The Sam Austin Group is a Service-Disabled Veteran-owned business which provides services for business registration, trademark registration and web services.

TVC Entrepreneur Veteran Business Consultant Jose Sanchez, pictured, assists a veteran with his verification letter on the spot at the Black Business Week event in San Antonio.

photo of Jose Sanchez, Veteran Business Consultant assisting a veteran with his VVL

The Veteran Verification Letter is the first step to certify a new business is veteran owned and eligible for allowing them to waive the $300 registration fee with the Secretary of State and waiving the first 5-years of State Franchise Taxes. To learn more about registering a new, 100% Veteran-Owned Business for free, contact the VEP by Contacting a Veteran Business Consultant here. Active Texas Legislation providing the waiver is good for all veterans verified through the VEP between 1 January 2022 and 31 December 2025. The VVL Qualification Guide provides additional information and qualifications.

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