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Appeals success, protecting disability rating & helping a widow

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Success for a Brownsville veteran with the VA Board of Veterans’ Appeals, reinstating a San Antonio veteran’s disability rating and getting Dependency Indemnity Compensation (DIC) for a Richland Hills widow are recent examples of how Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) Claims can help veterans.

To assist an Air Force veteran from Brownsville, Claims Southwest Supervisor Bryan Brown and Claims Benefits Advisor (CBA) Thalia Hernandez teamed up to appeal on his behalf. The veteran filed an original claim in September 2009 that was initially denied by VA. TVC Claims assisted the veteran through the appeals process including advocating on his behalf at a VA Board of Veterans’ Appeals (BVA) hearing on October 30, 2017. The process took time; but their persistence paid off as the BVA granted service connection back to 2009. Thalia and Bryan’s efforts resulted in a $286K retro payment to the veteran.

In San Antonio, CBA Diane Bowie received a call from a veteran desperately seeking assistance as the VA had reduced her disability rating from 100% to 90%. Upon discussion with the veteran and a review of medical treatment records, Diane took quick action requesting a supplemental review of the VA rating decision. Diane’s contention was that VA made their decision in error based on the medical evidence provided.

“I explained to her what evidence we would need. She had some recent x-rays. I told her we are submitting the supplemental review now and no need to wait for the medical opinion letter because what the X-rays showed plus her doctor’s notes should do the trick.”

Diane’s expertise and sharp eye for details resulted in VA reversing the decision. The review was submitted on June 15, 2020. On June 17, the Veteran called Bowie stating she was in E-benefits and back to 100%

“Thanks to Ms. Wilcox’s efforts, I will soon have a place to call my own,” said a Richland Hills widow who recently received her DIC. The widow had been waiting the outcome of her claim for more than a year. On May 27, 2020, the widow connected with CBA Glenda Wilcox. In quick fashion, Wilcox identified key information that VA was missing and assisted the widow in the completing the necessary form. Within two days, the widow states that Glenda provided the “miracle of miracles” as she was notified of VA’s decision granting DIC benefits.

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Pictured from left are Claims Southwest Supervisor Bryan Brown, (CBA) Thalia Hernandez, CBA Diane Bowie and CBA Glenda Wilcox.

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