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$6.8 million in retro payments, holistic services to veterans earn excellence award

More than 5,870 veterans were assisted by the Tarrant County Veteran Services team in 2023 under the leadership of Thomas “Tom” Belton, Tarrant County Veteran Services Director and Marine veteran. This resulted in more than $6,880,103 in retro active benefits being awarded veterans and over $2,316,230 in monthly payments made. Of that, Belton himself in approximately 6 months helped veterans in securing monthly benefits totaling over $96,827and retroactive benefits totaling more than $272,987.

Recognizing that veterans may need a range of services and resources beyond their disability compensation financial benefits, Belton works to connect them to needed support services and organizations. This includes helping veterans receive healthcare, housing assistance, educational opportunities, employment support, mental health resources, and more. In doing so, Belton works with organizations such as the Texas Veterans Commission and its Military Veteran Peer Network, the United Way and other nonprofits.

To further guarantee good care for Tarrant County veterans and their families, Belton ensures his Veteran Services team receives the training, support and motivation they need to provide reliable, effective and compassionate service.

“There’s no award without the people surrounding me,” said Belton.

group photo of Tarrant County VCSO team

Pictured is the Tarrant County Veterans Services team. From left are James Weaver, Army veteran; Jared Thompson, Navy veteran; Belton, and Damien Crawley, Navy veteran.

The outstanding results of his Tarrant County team in assisting veterans and his personal commitment and effectiveness in ensuring veterans receive the benefits they have earned have not gone unnoticed. It is for these reasons that local members of the Texas Workforce Commission nominated Belton for a Texas Veterans Commission Excellence Award. In late December, TVC announced Belton as an award recipient. The TVC Excellence Award recognizes exceptional service with outstanding results for customers. Honorees give their best to fellow employees, partners and their communities. Thanks to their efforts, veterans and their families receive the best services possible. TVC employees and Veteran County Service Officers across the state are eligible for nomination. From that large pool, this year Belton was one of only two Veteran County Service Officers to earn the award.

Congratulations Tom.

photo of Thomas Belton Award

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