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Employer of the Year awards recognize commitment to employing veterans

Gulf Coast Employer Award - Large TDCJ.cropped

The Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) Veteran Employment Services (VES) Program presented its annual Employer of the Year awards in February. The awards recognize public and private-sector employers who have a positive effect on Texas veterans, other employers, workers and their communities.  Awards are presented in each VES District of Texas and are listed below:

Gulf Coast Large Employer of the Year – Texas Department of Criminal Justice

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) currently has 36,883 employees, including 4,913 veterans which represents 13.3% of the TDCJ total workforce. Pictured receiving the award for TDCJ is Patty Garcia, Director of Human Resources, Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Ray Wilburn TVC Gulf Coast District Manager.

Gulf Coast Small Employer of the Year – The Mission Continues

The Mission Continues empowers veterans to find missions which improve their communities. These range from working with youth and food banks to infrastructure improvements and beautification projects. In Houston, The Mission Continues is officed in veteran hub Combined Arms offering every veteran a chance to serve their community after serving their country. Pictured are Barry Mattson, Vice President of the Mission Continues and Ray Wilburn, TVC Gulf Coast District Manager.

West Texas Large Employer of the Year – CDTS, Inc

CDTS in Abilene has a workforce of 122, of which 25% are veterans. Further, of the company’s 60 new hires last year, 23% were veterans. The company has developed a strong relationship with TVC staff, relies on them for assistance with job vacancies and participates with the area’s annual veteran job fair. Pictured is the CDTS team with TVC West District Manager Larry Denton, fourth from left.

West Texas Small Employer of the Year – Texas Aerospace

Texas Aerospace has a workforce of 40, of which 70% are veterans. Of the company’s 17 new hires last year, 82% were veterans. The company has built a such a relationship with TVC that Texas Aerospace agreed to an unprecedented hiring event at their high security facility in Abilene. Pictured from left are TVC Veterans Career Advisor (VCA) Coach Tremayne Hubbard, TVC West District Manager Larry Denton,Texas Aerospace Chief Operations Officer Bryce Stickney and TVC Veterans Employee Liaison Coach Sherry Byard.

South Texas Employer of the Year – The American GI Forum (AGIF) National Veterans Outreach Program (NVOP) of San Antonio

The AGIF’s NVOP in San Antonio is a premier community-based service provider specializing in services for veterans with special needs. The organization provides housing for homeless veterans, and connect veterans who are not ready for mainstream employment to meaningful employment opportunities. It operates two specially designed work centers for veterans with disabilities. This includes an income-producing manufacturing business that has successfully operated for the past 22 years, employs more than 30 disabled veterans and individuals at its VETS Box Manufacturing Plant and Disabled VETS Work Center. Pictured are from left to right: TVC South District Supervisor  Mark Renninger, AGIF Director of Client Services Monica Alexander, AGIF Executive Vice President, Sergio (Serg) Dickerson, and TVC South District Manager, Al King.

Central Texas Employer of the Year – Department of the Army Security Guards

The Department of the Army Security Guards at the Military Police headquarters on Fort Hood employs a 100% Veteran staff and hired 23 veterans during the award period of FY 2018-19. This Fort Hood employer keeps the TVC involved as part of its recruiting process and maintains a strong bond with the TVC. Pictured from left are Chief Operations & Security David Ross, TVC Central Texas District Manager Tony Ramirez, Chief of Guards Adrian Arnett and TVC Veteran Employee Liaison Chasity Bingley.

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