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Entrepreneur advocate helps hundreds of veteran businesses, from arts to waste management

Linda Luttrall
Linda Luttrall

Linda Luttrall is a champion of Texas veteran entrepreneurs. In less than a year, she has assisted over 470 veteran owned businesses, including getting many started.

Linda Luttrall
Linda Luttrall

“I have always believed in the power of entrepreneurship and using your own skills and talents to help others succeed,” said Luttrall, TVC Entrepreneur Program Veteran Business Consultant and Navy veteran.

For Luttrall, who has degrees in business and education, the most engaging part of her job is consulting and brainstorming with veterans. Though she has enjoyed assisting hundreds of veterans with their businesses, some are especially memorable.

One is artist and Army veteran Jared Franco, who now has his own gallery in Austin. “I am just amazed at his story and his artwork is amazing,” said Luttrall.

Another is Sarah Doran, an Army veteran and daughter of an Army chaplain who writes books for military children. “She wrote from her experience for children – love that!”

Another was gunsmith James Rodrigo Albano owner of Colonel Lou’s Guns in El Paso. “He modifies guns specifically for the owner.”

A more recent success in her helping a veteran overcome the challenges of getting business started was with Benjamin Zuniga Premier Site Services and Waste Management in Amarillo.

“We struggled together to get things working,” said Luttrall.

Zuniga expressed his appreciation to Luttrall. “Thank you so very much for all of your help and especially your patience with me,” said Zuniga. “You stuck with me and even made me feel special (in both a good and bad way LOL). You took the time to call me to try to help me. Every time I look at this Veteran Owned Business Certificate and Logo, I start crying. This is so important because it opens doors and opportunities and will allow me to help others.”

The list of veterans Luttrall has helped goes on with bakers, barbecue truck owners, personal trainers and nonprofits.  She has helped them start their business, develop their business, find capital, helped with taxes and more.

“I want to see our veteran families thrive and being a part of that makes me happy,” said Luttrall.

Texas veterans with a business dream, connect with the TVC Entrepreneur team.

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