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Wherever the event, Employment Services connects with veterans

jBsa event photo

A college campus, military base and a nonprofit organization were among the variety of places hosting recent employment events. At all of these was the TVC Employment Services team.

photo of TVC booth

To reach veterans around smaller towns, the Regional Employment Expo was hosted by New Braunfels Food Bank in late March.  It attracted over 60 attendees, approximately one-third of which were veterans and their family. The TVC Employment South Texas District team played a key role in producing this event. “Veteran Employment Liaisons James Freeland and Brian Seiffert were responsible for assisting employers and overall coordination and management of this job fair,” said Laurie Pimentel-Johnson, Army veteran and TVC Employment South Texas District Outreach Coordinator. “Additionally, they built and strengthened TVC relations with employers.” Pictured assisting an attendee at the New Braunfels event are Seiffert and Freeland.

Drawing the most military and veteran participants was the Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA) Hiring Event held April 24. It attracted more than 940 attendees. Over 100 interviews were held at the event and nearly 50 job seekers were presented with a tentative job offer. “This was an opportunity to reach out to eligible veterans who might need employment assistance or information from other TVC departments,” said Pimentel-Johnson. “It was also an opportunity to connect with employers for future advocating for veterans.” Pictured with a JBSA event vendor are Veteran Career Advisors Maria Lindsey, center; and Veronica Rodriquez, at right.

The JBSA Hiring Event was such a success, another is being planned in August.

Del Mar College in Corpus Christi hosted the Spring All Skills & Trades Hiring Event in late March. It provided the local TVC Employment team the opportunity to get job seeking veterans they had been assisting to an employment event and use their new job search skills. Additionally, it was the opportunity to identify area veterans who needed employment assistance. The event attracted about 40 employers and 600 job seekers. Pictured assisting an event attendee is Veteran Career Advisor Durashia “Button” Frizzell .

Photo of Button Frizzell talking with event attendee

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