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Veteran Johnathan Igou.cropped

Veteran Johnathan Igou served just over 4 years in the Air Force. During that time, he was injured during a combat tour in Afghanistan, sustaining injuries from an I.E.D. (Improvised Explosive Device), and a Tracer Round. Igou, pictured below, was medically boarded and while in the VA hospital was referred to the VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment program. In 2016, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from the University of North Texas(UNT) in Denton.

Veteran Johnathan Igou

After earning his degree, Igou found some difficulty finding employment. He applied to over 300 positions and was not hired. A fellow UNT graduate recommended he talk to a Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) Veteran Career Advisor( VCA). Igou went to Mid-Cities Workforce Center in Tarrant County and met VCA and Marine veteran Mike Calhoun, pictured below.

TVC VCA and Marine veteran Mike Calhoun

Calhoun quickly found that the problem was the resume format Johnathan was using and assisted with making the appropriate changes. The resume was then forwarded to Veterans Employer Liaison (VEL) and Army Veteran Lee Ware, pictured below, for his assistance with referrals for Igou to open positions. Additionally, Calhoun recommended to Igou that he attend the Red White & You Virtual Job Fair on November 5, 2020.

TVC VEL and Army Veteran Lee Ware

Igou attended the Red White and You Virtual Job Fair as recommended. “In fact, he attended the fair an hour earlier, to build his profile in the system; and remained online for a full seven hours, visiting each employer booth. This afforded Johnathan the opportunity to network and speak to employers virtually, resulting in over 20 call-backs. As a result of his efforts, Johnathan was hired!,” said Ron Abrams, TVC Employment District Outreach Coordinator and Army veteran, pictured below.

TVC Employment District
Outreach Coordinator and Army veteran Ron Abrams

Igou began working for Alliance Healthcare as a Logistics Specialist in December 2020. There, he designs mobile trucking routes for cancer patients unable to travel to their appointments

“This reflects distinct credit upon himself, and the hard work and dedication of TVC Staff, Mike Calhoun, and Lee Ware. What an exemplary display of service, dedication and resilience veterans bring to the table for America’s employers! Well done!” said Abrams.

Need some help on your job hunt? TVC Employment Services staff are located in American Job Centers/Workforce Solutions offices across Texas. Veterans can find their local offices at this web site https://www.twc.texas.gov/directory-workforce-solutions-offices-services

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