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La gira de capacitación para la transición fuera de la base llega a las zonas rurales

The Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) West Texas Veterans Employment Services (VES) team decided it was time to take Off-Base Transition Training (OBTT) from the big city and out to reach veterans in smaller towns.

The OBTT program consists of a series of employment-oriented workshops that were developed by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). The workshops are designed to assist U.S. military veterans in their efforts to reestablish themselves in civilian employment after separating from active military duty. OBTT workshops are piloted in specific urban areas around the country.

photo of OBTT groups

In west Texas, OBTT has been well received in El Paso. “The West Texas VES team, led by District Manager Trey Hubbard and with Veterans Career Advisors (VCA) and Employer Liaisons in San Angelo, Abilene and Wichita Falls wanted to bring the highly effective OBTT classes to more rural areas where there are significant concentrations of veterans that might not otherwise receive the training,” said Scott Graves, TVC VCA and Army veteran.

Hubbard worked with DOL its’ contractor SERCO to organize OBTT classes in late October 2023 starting in San Angelo, then Abilene and concluding in Wichita Falls.  “These events were quickly dubbed the OBTT Roadshow,” said Graves.

These OBTT events goal is to prepare unemployed veterans and their spouses to enter meaningful employment on a long-term basis. The training consisted of four high-quality, employment focused workshops. These consisted of training on creating resumes, how to perform proper introductions with employers, and interview skills.

The West Texas OBTT Roadshow attracted 136 participants.

“It was a great success,” said Graves, who noted future OBTT training is likely in spring 2024.

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