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Hiring Red, White & You statewide job fair on November 5, prepare with workshops

HRWY Veterans Workshops Flyer

The statewide Hiring Red, White & You job fair is scheduled for November 5, 2020 with multiple events being held through virtual platforms. By holding multiple, virtual job fairs across the state, Texas employers can more easily connect to highly qualified veteran job seekers.

Be prepared for this hiring event and the virtual environment by attending pre-event workshops

“The Texas Workforce Commission and The Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) prepare veterans for the job fair by assisting them with applications, resumes, and interviewing techniques.  This year is the first virtual Hiring Red, White & You event. TVC is prepared to assist with several workshops. These include Registration and Profile, Uploading a Resume, Virtual Event Etiquette, Dress for Success, Elevator Speech, Virtual Interviews, Research and Visiting Employer Booths, and Following Up After the Event.” said Laurie Pimentel-Johnson, TVC Employment South Texas District Outreach Coordinator. “You may attend as many times as you would like.”

These 10 workshops are held on variety of days and times and are available from October 1 to November 3. Sign up for a workshop at https://rwyworkshops.eventbrite.com and click on select a date.

For more information on Hiring Red, White & You https://www.twc.texas.gov/hiring-red-white-you

It is estimated that there are 1.7 million total veterans in Texas, of which 967,000 are working or actively seeking work. Last year over 14,450 job seekers and more than 2,225 employers participated in Hiring Red, White & You. Since 2011, Hiring Red, White & You has connected more than 98,600 job seekers, including 38,925 veterans and spouses, along with 16,650 employers and over 2,700 same-day hires. *

*Sources: Texas Workforce Commission, Bureau of Labor Statistics

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