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Excellence in Media Awards 2014 Winners


The VA Waiting Game by Mat Garcia
Lee Carpio and Blake McCarty, Dallas, TX

The work helped bring awareness about the abnormal wait times Veterans go through to get the important compensation and health benefits promised to them for their service. The segment illustrated the efforts by the Texas Strike Force to fix this problem so Veteran’s lives can be improved.

Link to Television Story



Veterans Funds by Chuck Schechner
KRLD Radio, Dallas, TX

Schechner’s segment on Veterans Funds made people aware of a simple way to help military Veterans by contributing to the Fund for Veterans’ Assistance (FVA). The story focused on the FVA’s “Keep the Wheels Turning” campaign, which allows people to donate through Texas vehicle registration forms. The proceeds from this campaign go towards grants that are provided to local and nonprofit programs that help Veterans and their families.



Student Veterans face challenges when reintegrating into campus life by Christine Ayala and Zachary Strain
The Daily Texan, Austin, TX

Ayala and Strain’s article focuses on a pivotal life phase for student Veterans and the challenges they face when reintegrating into civilian life. It is important to recognize the struggles that student Veteras may encounter and share those stories with the general public.

Link to Student Story



Effort to boost Veterans’ job prospects praised by Tanvi Misra
The Texas Tribune, Austin, TX

Misra’s story explores the realm of Veterans employment in Texas, where “special attention is being placed on boosting employment prospects in the state.” These special efforts have bolstered nationwide attention, and more importantly, have helped many Veterans find employment.

Link to Print Story



Veterans dying waiting on disability benefits
Mireya Villarreal, Dallas, TX

Villarreal’s article highlights a Veteran’s struggle in applying for and receiving benefits from the VA after serving in Vietnam. Villarreal tells a story that often falls under the radar and, due to the complicated process of filing a claim with the VA, sometimes results in tragedy. Veterans all over Texas and the nation face similar struggles as those who are profiled in Villarreal’s story.

Link to Photojournalism Story

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